Watercolor Painting Step-by-Step

Watercolor Painting Step-by-Step

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Learn good composition, design and value and how to improve your skills and achieve your goals in watercolor. Enjoy demos, individual instruction, and work at your own pace. Bring your own work and/or learn step by step techniques. Some experience with watercolor needed. Seats are limited. Contact the Art Center for details and supply list. View Yachiyo's work and achievements www.yachiyofineart.com


Yachiyo Beck | 1st & 3rd Wednesdays unless specified | 9:30am- 4pm | Bring Lunch | Adults | Studio E


Members $140 | Non-Members $175


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    Please contact Yachiyo by email at the time of signing up. 



    No need to purchase all the material listed below. Bring what you have on the first day of the class. Although, it's important to have good brushes, paints and paper for a good result. 

    * Pictures: ​Will be provided by email.

    * Painting: ​If you wish, bring a painting which you would like some advice on. 

    * Pencil, Sketch Paper (11" X 14"), Kneaded eraser, Red ball point pen

    *Tracing paper (11" X 14):

    * Palettes: ​Regular palette which holds 15 or more colors.

    * Brushes:        

      * Round​ - Size  6, 3, 2​* Liner

      * Cats Tongue (Isabey or Silver Brush) - Size 3/4", 1/2"

    ​   * Inexpensive brush - Size 2 for lifting colors

    * Fritch Scrubber Brushes: (Cheap Joe’s) - Size 2, 4

    Connoisseur White Taklon: Short Handle Brush, 1/8-Inch Scrubber

    * Watercolor Paper:  


    Saunders Waterford 200 lb Cold  Press (no need to stretch) (Cheap Joe’s Art Supply  or Blick Studio) (If you could not get the paper on time for the workshop, you could also purchase at the Art Center, 22” x 30”). 


    * Spray Bottles,  one for fine and another for squirt: Middle sizes or small (for plain water)     

    * Paper Towels:                    

    * Containers: for water​ 

    * Hair Dryer:

    * Colorless Art Masking Fluid: (Winsor & Newton)  
    * Colour Shaper, angle chisel (Royal Sovereign Ltd UK) white (soft) You just wipe off the masking fluid with a tissue or paper towel to clean up. They come in different sizes. I use #6 or smaller.  



    Rubber Lifter: 
    * Drafting Tape: (NOT artist or masking tape) ​For masking straight lines
    * Soft Natural Sponge (Very Soft): For lifting colors  

    * Large Towel or Cover​: To paint on and also, protect your painting. 

    * Paints: Please see below  


    Main Colors, professional Grade Paints, DaVinci , Winsor & Newton, Daniel Smith and other watercolor brands in the following colors

     Mainly, Winsor & Newton or Da Vinci. Most of them are similar colors, but a few are very different depending on the supplier.  (NO student grade paints such as Cotman) Some colors are available at the Art Center, Art Depot in Mechanicsburg or online art store. Please check the availability. 


     * Basic colors we often use in the workshop


    *Hansa Yellow, M Graham

    Naples Yellow, Windsor & Newton

    *Yellow Ochre, Windsor & Newton

    *Quinacridone Gold, Windsor & Newton



    *Perylene Maroon, Windsor & Newton

    *Cad Red Medium, Da Vinci

    *Cad Orange, Da Vinci

    *Permanent Rose, Windsor & Newton


    *Ultra Marine, Blue, Da Vinci

    *Cobalt Teal Blue, Daniel Smith

    Viridian Green,  Da Vinci

    *Cerulean blue, Red Shade, W/N

    *Sap Green, W/N


    Chinese White or White Gouache 

    *Burnt Sienna, American Journey (Cheap Joe's brand) or Da Vinci 

    *Burnt Umber, American Journey (Cheap Joe's brand) or Da Vinci 


    Watercolor Gold, Holbein

    *Neutral Tint, Windsor & Newton


     Art Supply Resources

    * Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff​1-800-227-2788​www.cheapjoes.com

    * Daniel Smith​1-800-426-6740​www.danielsmith.com

    * Blick Studio  ​1-800-828-4548​www.Dickblick.com



    Art Supply Store in Mechanicsburg

    * Art Depot ​1-717-796-1400 ​www.gbsartdepot.com
    * Art Center

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