Pastel Painting

Pastel Painting

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Explore the possibilities of the pastel medium. Brilliant color, immediate and satisfying results! Beginners learn drawing and painting techniques with step by step instruction to finish your first pastel painting. Advanced students learn how to improve their drawing and painting skills. Everyone works on projects of their own choice; landscape, still life, pet, grandchild, etc! Bring your reference materials or choose from instructor's collection.
This is a no stress, relaxed class where you work at your own pace. Come join us! Learn much, and enjoy!

Donna Mitchell | Thursdays | 9:30am- 12pm  

March 12 - May 28 (12 WEEKS, *note*this class is 3 months and can be prorated if you are unable to attend the full class) | Adults 


Member $300 | Non-Member $375


    1. A set of NuPastel and/or a set of Rembrandt are good for starters. Mid size sets are recommended. When the smallest sets are purchased, the student does not get enough color to choose from.

    2. Canson MiTientes single sheets of paper 25 x 19" (these may be purchased from the instructor, and may be cut down) I do not recommend the pads of Canson paper. 

    3. LargeDrawing Board with clips to accomodate 25 x 19" paper.!
    4. Vine or Willow charcoal sticks. The thinner the better! !
    5. Kneaded eraser!

    6. Sanding blocks

    7. A small color wheel is always good to have! (optional)


    Bring from Home:

    Wet Wipes to clean your hands - any kind will do

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    Classes and memberships are non-refundable. Refund or credit cannot be issued for absences.

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