Viking knit bracelet with beads May 23

Viking knit bracelet with beads May 23

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You will learn the ancient wire weaving art of Viking knit.  Also known as Trichinopoly chain, it dates back to the Viking era.  We will make a small length of Viking and then add beads in a basic stringing technique to create a bangle type bracelet. You will also learn how to finish the ends of the Viking and how to make a wire wrap loop and how too make your own head pin with plain wire.


Jill Fissel

Workshop | Adults | Saturday May 23 | 2:30 - 5:30 pm


  • Supply List

    24 gauge artistic or silver wire – 10 yards

    20 gauge artistic or silver wire – 1 yard

    2 bead caps or end caps(optional)

    12-15 large beads of your choice to complete the length of your bracelet

    Smaller beads to compliment and fill in bracelet

    ¼ inch dowel stick

    Masking Tape or rubber band

    Clasp of your choice

    Needle nose pliers

    Round nose pliers


    I will also have some kits available for purchase $20  You may contact me at if you would like me to create a kit for you in a specific color. 

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