Travel Photography Workshop

Travel Photography Workshop

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Travel and vacation season is soon upon us and we all want to capture the memories and good times with photographs.  This mini workshop is for users of any type of camera such as the smartphone or conventional larger cameras.  The session will concentrate on what you can do to capture quality pictures, both people on the trip as well as landscape travel scenes.


We will explore what to include the image, how light and time of day plays a large role in your photos,  how to capture street scenes, how to take some evening or night shots which will make your photo images different from others and many other tips and tricks.  You are welcome to bring your camera to the workshop but caution that we will not have time to provide individual instruction or help on it. 


Your instructor, Joe Farrell, has travelled the world in 48 different countries so he has a keen sense of what it takes to bring back memories of vacation adventure.   If you have any questions about this session, contact Joe at  His travel images are here


Joe Farrell | Session A May 6   10am-noon

                   Session B May 13th  6:30pm- 8:30pm



Members and Non-Members $40

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