“Quick Sketch” Watercolor Portraits 3 Day Workshop

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Learn to paint portraits in a spontaneous style that involves minimal layering and the use of transparent colors. In this workshop, we will analyze some of the common mistakes that are made when working on portraits in watercolor and look at examples of successful watercolor portraits by artists from around the world.  We may have a loved one who we’d love to paint or we may simply be drawn to the challenge of capturing an interesting character on paper.  It’s so easy to “tighten up” our portrait paintings because of our focus on “getting it right”.  Painting the “quick sketch” portraits focuses on loosening up that process and working to achieve a more relaxed look that highlights the beauty and freshness of the watercolor medium. The 3-day format of this workshop will give us time to practice the techniques we are exploring.  The workshop will be a combination of demo and hands-on portrait work and the references we’ll be working with will cover a wide range of ages and skin tones. During days 1 and 2, you will primarily work from partially pre-drawn portraits that will be provided in class.  You will finish the drawings, but the basics will be there so we can spend the majority of our time painting. (If you prefer to work completely freehand, that is fine.)  On day 3, we will work on one or two portraits of your own that you have prepared for the class. Tech Tips: Each day we will explore a technology tool to use to help you in your portrait paintings.


Pam Wenger l 3 Day Workshop l Jan 17' 18 and 19th l 9:30 - 4:00pm


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    • Bring along several smaller sheets of watercolor paper (around 8 x 10) or a watercolor block. I use 200 lb Saunders Waterford Hot Press - or other hot press brands. The partially drawn portraits that I provide will be on hot press paper. 
    • Bring all your usual watercolor supplies: water container, paper towels, board to attach your watercolor paper to, drawing pencils (I just use BIC #2 mechanical pencils), push pins or tape.
    • If you have an iPad - PLEASE bring it along, so I can show you my method of using it to check your drawing accuracy. You can also use your digital device as your reference tool since I’ll have the reference photos available online as well as printed. (No problem if you don’t have digital device, though!)
    • Bring your own palette and brushes that you are comfortable with. I’d suggest using no brushes smaller than a #10. I use Loew Cornell Ultra Round brushes (very cheap and I just grab a new one when I wreck the point) I’ll have some of these for sale at the workshop.
    • I use mostly transparent colors. Here’s my color list for those who are interested. (But don’t feel you need to buy new colors for the workshop.) 


    *Winsor Yellow Deep

     Brilliant Orange


    *Alizarin Crimson

     Raw Sienna

    *Burnt Sienna (I use Holbein’s Burnt Sienna and this is the one brand and   color I’d suggest buying if you can - If not, I’ll have some available)

    *Quinacridone Coral

    *Quinacridone Magenta

    *Mineral Violet

    *Manganese Blue or Peacock Blue

     Cobalt Blue


    *Hookers Green


    *Starred items are ones I couldn’t live without for portrait work.



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