Intermediate Drawing for Middle Schoolers Ages 10-14

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This is the class to take after FUNdamental Drawing for Middle Schoolers, and before Advanced Drawing for Middle Schoolers. We expand upon the skills and techniques learned and practiced in the FUNdamental level. Once your child has completed the basic drawing skills course and is feeling a lot more confident in his or her ability, we can build upon those skills and draw more complex subjects.


Lori Cropper | Mon-Fri | July 15 - 19 | 9:00am - 12:00pm | Ages 10- 14 | Studio E



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    Bring to All Classes:

    • 9x12” sketchbook- 70lb
    • Graphite Pencils- 2H, 4H, 6H, HB, 2B, 4B, 6B
    • Eraser
    • Pencil Sharpener


    Bring to Classes 2-5:

    • 2 sheets Canson Mi-Tientes paper- available at AC Moore & Hobby Lobby (any color except white)
    • Prismacolor colored pencils 24 set- available at Walmart, Amazon, and any craft store
    • Paper Blending Sticks


    Photos/ Objects to draw from:

    • Class 1- Bring in in pieces of bark, rocks and 2 pictures of landscapes to draw from
    • Class 2- Bring in photos of a clock, chair, bike, or actual items
    • Class 3- Bring in photos of human faces with specific facial expressions- laughing, crying, angry, etc. Also bring in photos of people in action- running walking in a park, kayaking, playing tennis, riding a horse, shopping, etc.
    • Class 4- Bring in photos of Animals in high motion- a fish jumping out of the water, a sprinting cheetah, a goat climbing a rock cliff, etc. Also bring photos of water- a waterfall, ocean waves, ripples in a lake, etc.
    • Class 5- to be determined by the students. They decide what subject matter to draw and bring in objects or photo resources.
  • Refund Policy

    Classes and memberships are non-refundable. Refund or credit cannot be issued for absences.



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