FUNdamental Drawing for Middle Schoolers Ages 10-14 Jan 8-29

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Middle Schoolers will learn how to make objects appear three-dimensional on the paper by using specific pencil stroke techniques. Improve knowledge of values, graphite pencils, lighting, composition, foreground, and background. Learn how to or improve ability to draw elements of the human face and body. Focus on drawing human hands and eyes. A lesson and project about stippling/pointillism will be included. Learn how to draw objects you never considered drawing before and zoom in to show all of the fine details and highlights. The last class of the session will focus on drawing animals.



Lori Cropper | Wednesdays l 4 weeks | January 8 - January 29 | 5 - 7 pm | Ages 10- 14 | 


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    1. Graphite Pencils: 2h, 2b, 6h, 6b, hb

    2. 9X12 drawing pad-50 sheets, 70 lbs.

    3. Fine Tip Black Sharpie Marker

    4. Ultra Fine Tip Black Sharpie Marker

    5. Black ball point pens - 2 per student- can be "freebies" from banks or just from the pen cup at home

    6. Prismacolor Premier Colored pencil set of 24. 1 set per student. (can be bought at target, walmart, amazon)

    7. Eraser

    8. Pencil sharpener- your choice

    9. 2 sheets- Canson Mi-teintes drawing paper, 19x25"- any color except white. Available for purchse at AC Moore or Hobby Lobby

    10. Illustration Pens- any brand- 005, 05, 01, 08

    11. Paper blending sticks- a pack of different sizes



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