Experimental Mixed Media

Experimental Mixed Media

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All Levels- All New!

Discover creative ways of expression. You will learn new techniques and learn how to experiment with your art. You will use acrylics with many other mediums while learning design and color theory. Different Projects/Lesson in each session.


Sue Marrazzo ISAP, NCS

4 weeks | Adults | Tuesdays I March 31 - April 28 | 12:00 - 2:30pm



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    Sources: Hobby Lobby or www.dickblick.com


    Liquitex gloss liquid medium

    Liquitex gloss gel medium

    One 16x 20" streatched canvas

    Three 11x14" canvas panels

    Simply Simmons flat wash brush- 1"- Should cost about $5

    1 roll of Scotch blue tape


    From Dollar Tree:

    One poster size white foam core board

    Two white 13 gallon trash bags

    Black Sharpie 


    From Home:

    One spary bottle of water

    One spray bottle of isopropyl  alcohol

    water cup

    pencil and eraser

    Any- Burshes 

            Palette Knives

            Acrylic paint- you alreay have



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