2 DAY Catopia!  Drawing Long-Haired and Short-Haired Cats   (Ages 8-14)

2 DAY Catopia! Drawing Long-Haired and Short-Haired Cats (Ages 8-14)

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Are you more of a cat person than a dog person? Come join other cat lovers to learn cool facts about these independent, but super lovable creatures! On day one we'll draw short-haired cats like the American Shorthair and the Russian Blue. On day two we'll draw long-haired cats, such as the Ragdoll and the Angora. This class will make you love cats EVEN MORE! 


Lori Cropper | Mon. & Tue. | July 26 & 27 | 1:00 - 4:00pm |

2 DAYS ONLY | Ages 8-14 | Maximum number of students: 10; Minimum: 4 | Member Price $72 | Non-Member Price $90


Supplies not included. PLEASE SEE SUPPLY LIST BELOW.


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  • Supply List

    1. Two HB Graphite pencils or two # 2 yellow pencils

    2. 9X12 inch drawing pad, 24 sheets, 70 lb

    3. Colored pencils, set of 24, any brand - 1 set per student

    4. Eraser

    5. Pencil sharpener

  • Refund Policy

    Camp Cancellation Policy - 25% of camp tuition is non-refundable. There is no refund if the camper cancels enrollment within 14 days of the start of camp. Campers are not allowed to transfer or change camps within 7 days of the start of camp. Refund or credit cannot be issued for absences.

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