Advanced Photography

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This class will explore advanced photography techniques to set your images apart from the basic point and shoot shots. 

Items covered are getting smooth flowing water, streaky clouds in skies, getting star bursts in your images, panning to get the subject sharp but the background blurry, adjusting for depth of field and how to use in real life shots, when to use black and white modes and night photography.  Other topics will be added to address specific student needs.

Composition will be explored and go beyond the basics to include visual anchors, directing the eye to subject, using negative space and how to capture people in the moment as some examples.

All sessions start at 6:30 pm.  You need to bring your cameras and the lens you normally use.  There will be homework assignments and you need to have a basic understanding of your camera and how to use manual exposure controls for this class.  For more information contact Joe Farrell at

Sample of images that will be the basis of the class:


Joe Farrell | Thursdays | Jan 30, Feb 6 and Feb 13 | 6:30-8:30pm |

 3 weeks | Adults | Gallery


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