Advanced Drawing for Middle Schoolers Ages 10-14 March 4-25

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Your Middle Schooler has FUNdamental and Intermediate Levels under his or her belt! Now it's time to push to do more challenging projects!! LETS GO FOR IT !!


Projects for this class include:

1. Interesting Viewpoints/ Large Graphite Pencil Illustration- 11x14 students create, combine, design people, animals, and objects in an unusal and visually  pleasing compostion.

2. Compound Word Illustration- in colored pencil on 19x25 Mi-Teintes colored drawing paper- students come prepared to class with a compound word of their choosing, such as "Brainwashed", "Lifeboat", etc to illustrate in an interesting manner.

3. Illustration That Tells a Story- Students will create a visually pleasing illustation that causes the viewer to think and discover a story. Students may choose to use any of the drawing tools on the supply list to create their illustation.  Picture will be drawn on the Mi- Teintes colored drawing paper.

4. Poster for a School Event- examples for a poster on colored poster board: Track Meet, Awards Ceremony, End of Year Concert, Graduation, Play, Social Event. Students will use supplies of their choosing to create the poster.

5. An Illustration that evokes A LOT of Emotion from the Viewer- Students show a scene that causes the viewer to think and show great emotion. Students may use and combine the drawing supplies of their choosing to make the illustation as effective as possible. 

6. Advanced Metal and Glass Illustration- Students combine metal and glass objects to draw an illustation using various sizes of illustration pens, graphite pencils, and black ball point pens.


Lori Cropper | Wednesday | March 4 - March 25th | 5-7 pm | 4 weeks | Ages 10-14


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    * Students will need to bring photos for each class, each project. Photos may come from books, magazines, computer- generated copies or they may use their cell phones to find and use photographic resources.

    * All finished drawings will be approximately 11x14 or larger depending on the type of paper we use. 


    1. 11x 14 drawing pad 24 or 50 sheets

    2. Graphite Pencils- 2H, 2B, HB, 6H, 6B

    3. Pencil Sharpener

    4. Eraser

    5. Illustration Pens- 005, 01, 03, 05, 08

    6. Prismacolor color penicls- set of 24

    7. 1 standard sheet of poster board- any color

    8. 1 set of Sharpie Colored Markers- 12 or 24 in a set, your choice.

    9. 2 sheets of Canson Mi-Teintes Drawing Paper- 19x 25 - any colors except white- Available at The Art Center or AC Moore.

    10. 2 ball point pens

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