2 DAYS "Sports Fan" Ages 10-15

2 DAYS "Sports Fan" Ages 10-15

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For all you SPORTS FANS out there....learn how to draw soccer and baseball players in action! Map out the initial line drawings on sketch paper, then render the final product on colored drawing paper. You'll be SO PROUD of what you've accomplished you'll want to frame your artwork and display it where everyone can see it!


Lori Cropper | Mon & Tue | Aug 3  Aug 4 | 9:00am - noon | Ages 10 - 15 | 2 DAYS ONLY

Members $64 | Non-Members $80


Members- don't forget to use your PROMOCODE to get your 20% member discount!



  • Supply List

    1. 9x12 inch drawing pad, 24 sheets, 70lb

    2. Two #2 yellow pencils or Two HB graphite pencils

    3. Eraser

    4. Pencil Sharpener

    5. Colored Pencil Set-24 in a set, any brand, your choice

    6. Artagain Assorted Tints-9x12 inch colored drawing paper (can get this on Amazon) or similar brand of colored drawing paper pad

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